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APeak Equipment has been in the cleaning equipment & chemical business for over 22 years. We now have three locations in Oklahoma and one in Amarillo, Texas and specialize in pressure washers, automatic car wash systems, and cleaning chemicals. Our Texas and Oklahoma pressure washer, system, and chemical salesmen and servicemen have extensive hands-on experience in the car washing and equipment washing industry and can solve most companies’ cleaning problems with our automated or handheld systems. *Service contracts are also available.

Along with our car wash systems, we also carry waste water equipment, a full line of pressure washers, R/O systems, Diesel-fired industrial space heaters, floor scrubbers, water softeners, spraying equipment and more. APeak Equipment manufactures and ships its own cleaning chemicals to ensure reliability and price. We currently blend in two locations, Oklahoma and Texas, for faster service. These products include: soaps, degreasers, vinyl dressing, spray wax, aluma bright, deodorizers, pressure washer soap, and oil and gas chemicals.

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